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Retail distribution

Retail distribution

If you do your shopping in the Netherlands, it is very likely that these have been brought your shop by Dasko. We supply supermarkets of various renowned retailers in the Netherlands on a daily basis.

From various DCs / regional distribution centres we transport goods from and to shop branches. We do this with great precision and competent employees who are experienced in retail distribution.

As supermarkets are predominantly located in residential areas, the transport must meet a number of factors. By using our sustainable vehicle fleet with 'PIEK' trailers, designed for silent urban distribution, we are able to supply shops outside delivery windows. For retail distribution we use a number of sustainable LNG vehicles (Liquified Natural Gas) that have a significantly lower emission of CO2 compared to diesel engines.
Dasko also used 2 'LZV' (long heavy)vehicles. We also have 2 special trailers that can be refrigerated sustainably by storing brake energy and solar panels on the roofs of these trailers.

Our planners and drivers are trained in the special aspects within retail distribution and are knowledgeable about refrigerated transport

Dennis Elders

Transport Coördinator Zwolle
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