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Our services

You want your goods to arrive at the destination quickly, properly and monitored throughout. We transport chilled and frozen products in and outside the Netherlands on a daily basis.

Refrigerated Transport

We are experts in transporting chilled and frozen products. Our drivers have knowledge of food safety, cooling engines and chilled transport.

'We are experts in refrigerated transport'

Bertus Dasselaar, CEO

Meat transport

We use trailers specifically designed for transporting hanging meat. Our drivers are trained in this special work. We make sure that your products arrive at their destination properly.

Warehousing Wietzendorf

At our cold store in Wietzendorf (Germany) we provide the option of warehousing and packing or repacking. Would you like to know more about the warehousing options at Wietzendorf?

Intermodal transport

Want extra efficient transport for your products? We provide intermodal transport whereby our trailers are transported by rail. We are happy to introduce you to this sustainable and efficient operation.

Retail distribution

For a number of renowned retailers in the Netherlands we provide retail distribution. Supplying supermarkets is a challenging and varied job for our drivers.