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Sustainability is at the core of our company. We actively work on CO2 reduction and pay attention to the environment.

In the Netherlands we won the Lean & Green Star Award, which we received for 20% CO2 reduction.

Corporate Social Responsibility: a term that is becoming more and more familiar. At Dasko this is in our DNA: long before the term was fashionable, we were aware of the society around us. Attention to people, sponsoring sport clubs and attention for the environment.

CO2 savings

We have invested in an innovative, sustainable vehicle fleet, in respect of which we regard CO2 savings as an important issue. Economical Euro 6 engines, LNG fuel and CyroTech refrigeration are examples of the measures we have taken. In addition our Fuel & Driver Manager Joop Draaijer gives driving instructions to all our drivers.We reflect on the future, and not only ours. As a family company we also reflect on future generations.

Joop Draaijer

Fuel & Driver Manager
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