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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a family company our attention for the human being and society as a whole is at the core of our company.

Not surprisingly, we received the Lean & Green Award in the Netherlands for achieving a 20% reduction in CO2. We are always looking for innovations; making our transport services smarter for your benefit.

Innovative vehicle fleet

LHV Eco-Combis, use of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and innovative cooling engines that refrigerate on the basis of brake energy and solar panels on the roof. These are examples of our innovative vehicle fleet.

Intermodal transport

For a number of clients we use intermodal transport. A sustainable and efficient mode of transport because it is partly by rail.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We feel it is important for our company to invest in the local community. We sponsor various (sport) clubs so that we can contribute to social contact within our local community.